6 New Rules For Feeding Baby

1. Don't Add To A Bottle.
Cereal-thickened formula can make babies gag and inhale the liquid into their lungs. And your tot doesn't need the extra calories. (If your M.D. wants to increase Baby's caloric intake, she'll have you add to his plate once he's on solids.)

2. Teach Her To Sit Pretty.
Encourage your pumpkin to keep her legs and hips at a 90-degree angle, and adjust the high chair so her back and feet are well supported. This position will bolster her head and neck muscles and relieve pressure on her abdominal region, reducing the chance that she'll spit up. (You're welcome!)

3. Start With Some Rice Cereal ... Or Not!
Generations of parents have considered rice cereal the ideal first food, as it's unlikely to trigger allergies, but docs now say it's fine to start with pureed veggies, applesauce, or any baby food.

4. Let Them Eat Meat.
Research shows that children who eat meat earlier in life have a higher intake of zinc and iron, nutrients important for growth. You can start with either red meat or poultry as long as it's pureed to a thin consistency.

5. If You'd Like, Serve Fruit Before Veggies.
The old-think was that your young gourmand would turn her nose up at veggies after tasting sweet fruit, but there's no evidence to back that theory. (See a video on feeding solids for the first time at americanbaby.com/solids.)

6. Spice Things Up!

Babies need to learn to enjoy plain fruits and veggies, but serving mildly seasoned ravioli (puree it first) is fine too. Once your babe is 10 months, you can get more adventurous.

Easy-To-Make Purees
Whipping up these yummy first foods is almost as simple as opening a pouch. If you have a food processor or blender and a saucepan, you're in business!

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