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True or False: If your baby launches into a crying fit while your vehicle is moving, it's better to take her out of her car seat for a minute or two to comfort her than to risk having her distract the driver.

Answer: False. Though it's tough listening to your baby cry, never remove her from her seat -- not even for a minute -- while the car is moving. Her safety depends on being properly restrained at the moment of a crash, and you can't control that timing. "If you feel you must take your baby out of her safety seat, the driver should find a safe place to pull over," says Dr. Durbin. Remove your baby to comfort or feed her and then hit the road again when she's calmer.

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How Tooth Banking Works

Companies are now storing stem cells from children’s baby teeth for a hefty fee. But is tooth banking worth it?  When your kid loses his tooth, he probably leaves it under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy. But what happens to baby teeth after they’re replaced with small bills? Many parents throw them in the trash or place them in keepsake boxes, but online services now offer to store stem cells from children’s baby teeth. This process—called tooth banking—might help repair damaged tissue in the future, since stem cells aid creation of healthy cells. Find out about the benefits of...

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